March 2020 Summary

According to my time management app, this month I woke up around 9:40 everyday, and stayed focused for an average of 4 hours and 20 minutes daily. My most efficient time slots were 10AM – 1PM and 4PM – 6PM.

I watched lesson 1- 20 of CMU 15/445 and finished homework 1, 2 and project 1. I also watched 5 lessons of the TLA+ video course.

Book wise, I finished Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems, by P.A. Bernstein, read chapter 10 and 13 of the Database System Concepts 7th Edition, and chapter 10 and 11 of Principles of Distributed Systems 3rd Edition.

I read the following papers word by word:

  • Comer, Douglas. Ubiquitous B-tree. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 11.2 (1979): 121-137.
  • Joseph M. Hellerstein, Michael Stonebraker, James Hamilton. Architecture of a Database System. Foundations and Trends in Databases, 1, 2 (2007).
  • Morton M. Astrahan, Mike W. Blasgen, Donald D. Chamberlin, Kapali P. Eswaran, Jim Gray, Patricia P. Griffiths, W. Frank King III, Raymond A. Lorie, Paul R. McJones, James W. Mehl, Gianfranco R. Putzolu, Irving L. Traiger, Bradford W. Wade, Vera Watson. System R: Relational Approach to Database Management. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 1(2), 1976, 97-137.
  • Patricia G. Selinger, Morton M. Astrahan, Donald D. Chamberlin, Raymond A. Lorie, Thomas G. Price. Access path selection in a relational database management system. SIGMOD, 1979.
  • Jim Gray, Raymond A. Lorie, Gianfranco R. Putzolu, Irving L. Traiger. Granularity of Locks and Degrees of Consistency in a Shared Data Base. , IBM, September, 1975.
  • Rakesh Agrawal, Michael J. Carey, Miron Livny. Concurrency Control Performance Modeling: Alternatives and Implications. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 12(4), 1987, 609-654.
  • C. Mohan, Bruce G. Lindsay, Ron Obermarck. Transaction Management in the R* Distributed Database Management System. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 11(4), 1986, 378-396.
  • Katsarakis, Antonios, et al. Hermes: a Fast, Fault-Tolerant and Linearizable Replication Protocol. Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems. 2020.

I read some parts of the following papers:

  • Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence A. Rowe. The design of POSTGRES. SIGMOD, 1986.
  • David J. DeWitt, Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Donovan Schneider, Allan Bricker, Hui-I Hsiao, Rick Rasmussen. The Gamma Database Machine Project. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2(1), 1990, 44-62.
  • C. Mohan, Donald J. Haderle, Bruce G. Lindsay, Hamid Pirahesh, Peter M. Schwarz. ARIES: A Transaction Recovery Method Supporting Fine-Granularity Locking and Partial Rollbacks Using Write-Ahead Logging. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 17(1), 1992, 94-162.


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